Where You Live


The California of Where You Live might have sun, surf, and sand, but it’s more densely populated with cracking marriages, accidental pregnancies, and shitty jobs. Andrew Roe’s Californians face sharp points of change: Stay or go? Love or leave? Run or get stuck? Their choices, like our own, reveal life’s stark limitations and its wide-open vistas all at once.

Full of lush prose and unforgettable imagery, the stories in Where You Live shine an unforgiving yet shimmering light on longing, loss, and the everyday catastrophes of life.

Where You Live explores, with rare nuance, the ways we disappoint one another and ourselves. Amidst rent-hikes, ambivalent pregnancies, dead-end jobs, middle-aged sex, impulsive kidnappings, and the frailties of blood, Roe’s ordinary characters fumble through intimacy and emptiness with an extraordinary beauty that transcends their compromised lives.”
—Gina Frangello, author of Every Kind of Wanting